Course curriculum

    1. What you will learn?

    2. Introduction

    3. What is a healthy weight?

    4. Quiz #1

    1. Energy Balance

    2. Overfat vs Overweight

    3. Role of Habits in Achieving a Healthy Weight

    4. How to measure percent body fat

    5. Quiz #2

    1. What do you mean by Eating more

    2. Debunking FAD Diets

    3. Weight Loss Myths

    4. Best Macronutrient Combination for Fat Loss

    5. What is a healthy eating pattern

    6. How to track calories when eating out (screencast)?

    7. Serving Size Card

    8. Quiz #3

    1. How much activity does one need

    2. Should I do Strength Training

    3. How to look skinnier and boost metabolism

    4. Strength Training Workouts without Equipment

    5. Quiz #4

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“Excellent course! Very informative, easy to understand, and interesting! Would highly recommend for anyone interested in healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and medicine.”

Kelly S.

“Very informative! I really appreciated Dr. Gupta debunking the fad diets and explaining a healthy eating pattern. This course is great for anyone wanting to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Brittany M.

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